Max? Zack? Meow? Bzah? – Dark Angel context summary/refresher

So, like, in Dark Angel, Max is this genetically engineered uber-warrior-babe in a post-apocalyptic future. She escaped from a government lab and training camp where she had been lovelessly raised from a test tube and trained to be a soulless spy/assassin; now she is trying to build a normal (in a goth-plus-hip-hop cool way) life on the outside, while intermittently fighting evil, usually in the form of the government. This is mostly at the behest of her holier-than-thou-in-an-indie-way, culture-jamming resistance leader friend Logan, because really she is far too, like, cool and chilled-out to be a self-starting righteous avenger.

Zack is a co-escapee from the camp; he was the leader of their unit (the X-5s) and Max considers him her big brother. He lives in hiding because he takes the danger of recapture more seriously than Max: he’s a very straight-laced and authoritarian sort of chap who is always raining on her parade. Later in the season UST will come to a head, but that has no currency for the purposes of this fic.

Lydecker is one of the big bosses of the camp. Krit, Syl and Tinga are other X-5 escapees. Charlie is Tinga’s son. “Lady” is the Blue Lady, a smuggled token of the Virgin Mary the X-5 children made the focus of a cult at one point. “CO” is, I think, chief officer on a mission [Commanding Officer -ed.]

In the episode Meow, Max deals with one of the consequences of her mixed-species genetic inheritance. She has cat DNA, and intermittently finds herself “on heat”. She spends the episode trying (and failing) to quash her monstrous, uncontrollable sexual desire and escape the unmitigated horror of casual sex.

To explain a couple of references: at one point in Meow, Max dreams or fantasises about meeting a government soldier in an alley, disarming him, throwing him down on a bed that appears and having her wicked way with him.

If this fic suffers a little from indulgent melodrama and a rather prissy set of mores, I only hope it can be excused on grounds of being descriptive of the source material.

Bwah! Let there be no mistake that I <3 this show, in truth.

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