Information for the accidental, neophyte or simply curious reader:

  • Is this website for me? Please check the Disclaimer and Warning in the sidebar to see.
  • So what is this fanfiction business?Fanfiction is fiction that features the characters or fictional universe of an original work (book, movie, tv show), written by someone (a fan) other than the original creator. Fanfiction is intended as transformative rather than infringing and is, above all, a non-profit activity, intended respectfully.
  • So what is this slash business?Slash is fanfiction that features two (or more!) same-sex characters in a romantic and/or erotic relationship.
  • So what is this real person fiction business? Real person fiction (RPF) is fanfiction that uses the names of real people (eg the actors in a movie) as characters. This is intended respectfully. What it describes is not true, and no claim or even insinuation to the contrary is intended. Some people find RPF a bit yuck. If this is you, you may wish to confine your browsing to stories categorised Character Fiction.
  • Can I archive, redistribute, adapt or make other fanworks from your fanfiction? Maybe. Please enquire by contacting me with details at eyebrowofdoom at gmail dot com. Use of my work for profit or without appropriate attribution and disclaimer is never permitted.
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